October 15-18, 2020 Shenzhen,China

2019China  Marine Economy EXPO International Marine Economy Cooperationand   DevelopmentForum
HostedbytheMinistryofNaturalResourcesofthePeople'sRepublicofChina,the People's Government of GuangdongProvince, the  Shenzhen MunicipalPeople's Government
Shenzhen, 15-16 October2019
"Mapping out the future of the  BlueEconomy"

14 October

Registration ofparticipants

Tuesday, 15 October, 6th floor, SHERATON FUTIANHOTEL

14:00 – 15: 15

· What best innovation approaches to generatewin-win outcomes for marine business and the marineenvironment?  
· How can partnerships between research centers, businessand government help accelerate technological andscientific innovations and their implementation and leveraging forthe sustainable development of the marineeconomy?



15:30 –16:45


· What are the new initiatives and developments inglobal aquacultureproduction?  
· How could a coordination of national policies ensure abetter and more generalized compliance with the FAO Codeof Conduct for Responsible Fisheries adopted in1995?

· What are the best practices in sustainable fisheriesand
 aquaculture management that could benefit othercountries?
· What should be done to improve and expandinternationalcoordination and cooperation for sustainable fishery inmarineareas beyond nationaljurisdiction?

15:30 –16:45

· Whatkindofsupportschemestohelpsecurethekindof investments needed for the development of theMarine Energysector?    
· How Marine Renewables can be a Game Changer andwhat is the state of play in theirimplementation?    
· How to accelerate the development ofInternationalStandards on technology, performance, safety, etc. andthe verification of compliance to these standards. Thatwill contribute to the adoption of marine technologies ona globalbasis?

15:30 –16:45

· How to improve coordination betweeninternationalagencies, governments and relevant businessorganizationsto keep improving maritime safety andsecurity?    
· How best to leverage new technologies forimproving maritimesafety?

15:30 –16:45

Plenary inparallel
· What should be the key elements for a moreeffective framework for global oceangovernance?    
· How to create consensus for concerted and efficientaction to protect these high seasareas?

17:00 –18:00


Plenary session inparallel

· What technology and regulatory trends are shapingthe Future of the Global MarineIndustry?    
· What are the increasingly new tight greenrequirements?    
· What will digital shipping mean in terms of skillsrequired, and how to achieve it with low enough risklevels?    
· How to set the appropriate parameters to choose thevery complex new systems - the "right" high end andgreentechnologies - in overhauling the sophisticationand capabilities for clean and efficient vessels’equipment?

Wednesday 16 October2019           SHERATON FUTIANHOTEL

09:00 – 10:30

· What options for the industry to address thesechallenges?    
· Should the industry consider that the decreasing rate ofgrowth in international trade flows is a temporary phenomenon or isit a structural trend to which it needs toadjust?    
· Are we going towards a shipping industry limited to just avery few global players? What would be the implications ofthat trend?

10:15 –10:45


10:45 – 12:00


· What policies to expand the growing trend ofeco-tourism?    
· What future for cruise tourism in a context of growingconcerns for environmentalsustainability?    
· Which innovations, developments or trends will bemost effective in accelerating progress on tourismsustainability?

· What kind of concerted "greener" policies andintegrated
  coastal zone management for marine and coastal tourismcan help achieve a more sustainable path for thesector?

10:45 – 12:00

 world’s waterchallenges
· After a period during which the price of desalinatedwater was going up can we now expect a long trend ofdecreasingprice for desalinatedwater?    
· What are the latest technological advances in thethermal and membranes domains that could have themost significant impact on the desalinationindustry?    
· What prospects for solar thermaldesalination?

10:45 – 12:00

· Mapping out the economic potential for seabedmining.    
· What is required to achieving environmentally soundand sustainable seabed miningprojects?    
· What are the latest technology developments with respectto prospecting and exploration of seabed resources? What arethe latest methods? With what kind ofresults?    
· What key elements to achieve an internationally acceptedand respected regulatory framework for deep seabedmining?

14:00 –15:15



· Where do we stand in terms of the technological capabilitiesfor developing in laboratory conditions compounds foundin marine organisms which are normally developed insometimes extreme deep-seaconditions?    
· What kind of potential could Blue Biotech achieve over thenext5 to 10 years in terms of treatment of diseases orthe agrochemicalsector?    
· What could be done to incentivize more investment in theblue biotech sector, beyond governmentmoney?

14:00 –15:15

 MarineEquipmentindustries:Confrontingthechallengesforgrowth andsustainability
· What kind of partnerships and alliances could helpcompanies in the marine equipment sector to emerge in astronger position from the presentsituation?    
· What long-term trends are shaping the future of theindustry and what actions are needed now to be in the best positionto leverage thesetrends?

15:30 –17:00

· What are the key factors affecting the development ofthe ocean-basedactivities,andwhatcouldbetheglobalvalueofthe blue economy by 2030 (from the estimates of three to sixtrillion dollarstoday?    
· Whatkindoftechnologicalandscientificinnovationscanbe realisticallyexpectedoverthenextseventotenyearstosupport thisdevelopment?    
· What kind of priority actions should be envisaged at theglobal level to help boost the medium-term – by 2030 -developmentprospects of the blue economy in responsible,sustainable ways?

17:45 – 18:30

  This session will highlight the key outcomes andrecommendationsemerging from the discussions of 2019China Marine EconomyEXPOInternational Marine Economy Cooperation andDevelopmentForum and will help crystallize the "take home" value forthe participants.


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