October 15-18, 2020 Shenzhen,China

15589653823597135.jpgLarge ship manufacturing and maintenance

15589653823597135.jpgManufacturing and maintenance of small and medium-sized ships, such as charted ships and yachts

15589653823597135.jpgDesign, certification, consulting, maritime services and other services for ship and port construction

15589653823597135.jpgMarine transportation

15589653823597135.jpgMarine salvage, underwater operation, diving equipment

15589653823597135.jpgShipbuilding machinery and equipment

15589653823597135.jpgMain and auxiliary equipment, electric power and power propulsion equipment

15589653823597135.jpgCommunication and navigation equipment, instruments & apparatuses, electronic equipment, automation equipment

15589653823597135.jpgPort development and operation, shipping management

15589653823597135.jpgPort terminal equipment

15589653823597135.jpgAir conditioning/heating, refrigeration/cooling/cooling equipment, heat exchangers/heat recovery

15589653823597135.jpgSafety & fire protection facilities, lifesaving equipment, protective equipment, fire extinguishing equipment, explosion-proof facilities

15589653823597135.jpgAuxiliary equipment, such as cables, pumps and pipes, cabin deck equipment

15589653823597135.jpgOil contamination/sewage/waste treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment;

15589653823597135.jpgOther ship and port equipment

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