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SZ aims to be a marine center
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Li Jiang

Han Ximin

 SHENZHEN is now working actively on three key projects to achieve the goal of becoming a global center of the ocean-based economy.

 The three projects include setting up a national deep-sea science research center, setting up an oceanic research institute under the Ocean University of China (OUC) and exploring the feasibility of an International Marine Development Bank, according to Li Jiang, director of the Development Research Institute under the Shenzhen Planning and Land Development Research Center.

 During a seminar at the 2019 International Marine Economy Cooperation and Development Forum on Wednesday, Li spoke to 400 representatives from six world-level marine research centers engaging in researches, equipment development, industrial services, resource exploration, and deep-sea engineering and monitoring.

 “Compared with some world marine cities, we are lagging behind, but we are confident in our ability to narrow the gaps, because the city has been making up its shortfalls from different perspectives, including institutional reforms, promulgation of policies, industrial development and technology innovation, in recent years,” said Li.

 Shenzhen has a robust electronic information industry and more than 7,000 enterprises engaging in marine-related businesses. As a financial city, Shenzhen also has advantages in marine finance, according to Li.

 In marine science innovation, the OUC Shenzhen Research Institute will cultivate high-level oceanic professionals to serve the marine industry and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area by participating in global marine governance.

 As one of the core cities in the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen is developing cooperation with neighboring cities in a variety of fields including infrastructure and environmental protection. “We are now laying a solid foundation for the construction of a marine-based center for the ecology, technology, culture and economy sectors,” Li said.