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Effective ocean governance requires an ecosystem-based management approach
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Torsten Thiele

 Academics of Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany

 THE ocean in the Asia-Pacific region is used in many different ways and is critical to delivering a vibrant blue economy. Maintaining a healthy ocean requires international governance cooperation on many different levels.

 This forum will be an important milestone in addressing ocean governance challenges and for developing new ocean solutions based on technology, entrepreneurship and ecological restoration. We will also be able to discuss new approaches such as the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles.

 Shenzhen is an important hub in the area and I look forward to learning more about how the city can drive ocean solutions forward in the area.

 Germany has developed advanced ocean science and technologies and is an important partner with China. Both through direct contacts and cooperation under the EU-China Blue Partnership for the Oceans we can effectively develop this joint effort