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Innovative SZ advantageous in blue ocean econom
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Pang Zhongying

 Professor of International Relations at Ocean University of China

 SHENZHEN should develop the marine economy in the 21st century both horizontally and vertically.

 Horizontally, Shenzhen should go global and actively take part in the world’s marine economy and develop cooperation projects in the Indian Ocean and even Atlantic Ocean.

 Vertically, from the surface of the sea to the bottom, Shenzhen should develop high-tech industries and promote the sustainable exploration of ocean resources. By relying on coastal waters and high seas, Shenzhen can promote the coordinated development of the marine economy.

 Shenzhen is a city of innovation. It has advantages in talents, location, technologies, policies and infrastructure.

 With the development of the demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Shenzhen will become one of the most innovative cities in the world in the future.