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Overcoming difficulties together, 2020 CMEE plans to waive the booth fee
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Since the suddenoutbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, we have heard countless touching stories,saw the joint efforts to fight against the pandemic, and also witnessed love indangerous and difficult situations. At the upcoming 2020 China Marine EconomyExpo (2020 CMEE), let's overcome the difficulties together, and jointly createthe future of the marine economy.

As the only nationalmarine economy exhibition in China, 2020 CMEE will be hosted as scheduled andwaive the booth fee.

Exhibition time:

Oct. 15-18, 2020

Exhibition venue:

Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center (Futian district)

Six major fields:

Ships and port shipping

Ocean resource development

High-end marine equipment

Ocean electronic information

Marine biomedicine

Marine ecological environmentprotection and safety

2020 CMEE will boast alarger exhibition area, more abundant display contents and more efficientsupporting activities.

1. Marine economy windvane

Displaying the latesttechnologies and core equipment in the marine sector, and creating a wind vanefor the marine economy.

2. Multidimensionalforums, aiming to build a new platform for marine exchanges and cooperation

At the multilevel andmultidimensional marine forums, industry leaders and scholars will conductheated discussions.

3. Businessmatch-making, functioning as a bond and bridge

Linking purchasetransactions in the supply chain, and inviting professional audiences andbuyers to achieve precise matching.

4. Facilitatingplatforms for new technologies and application industrialization

Supporting activities,with the core purpose of promoting transactions and investment in newtechnologies, will build a bridge of trade match-making, exchanges andcooperation for enterprises at home and abroad.

5. With an innovativepublicity model, all-media channels will aggressively follow up and report theevent

The online expo isabout to be launched, aiming to create the CMEE that never ends, when all-mediaclusters will conduct the all-around coverage on the exhibition and exhibitors.

We look forward tomeeting you in Shenzhen, and sharing the development achievements in the oceaneconomy.

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