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The 2023 China Marine Economy Expo on the Theme of "Open Cooperation and Win-Win Sharing" to Kick Off
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This year's China Marine Economy Expo will be held on November 23-25, 2023. We sincerely invite partners from all over the world to share the "blue" opportunities in China and the fruits of marine economy development. The Expo will take place at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) and the Hongzhou Pier of the Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport on November 23-25, 2023. With the exhibition area, exhibitor number, and the scale of forums and other supporting activities exceeding that in previous years, this year's Expo will serve as a bigger and more professional and international cooperation and exchange platform for upstream and downstream players on the marine economic and industrial chain.

The theme of "Open Cooperation and Win-Win Sharing" continued

This year's Expo upholds the spirit of the congratulatory letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 2019 China Marine Economy Expo and continues the theme of "Open Cooperation and Win-Win Sharing". Following the core principles of specialization, marketization, internationalization, and brand-based operation, it is designed to further international exchanges and cooperation, promote high-quality development of the marine economy, and provide new momentum for China's strategy of marine power and Belt and Road Initiative and for Shenzhen to grow into a global ocean center city.

Panoramic presentation of six application scenarios


This year's Expo will take up an area of over 100,000 square meters. The indoor part contains a main exhibition hall and several special exhibition areas. In the outdoor part, there will be a special exhibition area displaying recreational boats. Centered on six application scenarios (ships, ports, and shipping; offshore oil, gas, and mineral resources development; marine engineering and environmental protection; marine electronic information; marine biomedicine; marine tourism and culture), this event will demonstrate the latest achievements, cutting-edge technologies, and international cooperation opportunities in the marine field. This Expo will be a window for on-site visitors and online viewers to learn about the exchanges between and innovation and application by upstream and downstream players on the marine industrial chain.

A party for major exhibitors globally



Major exhibitors that have been confirmed include leading enterprises involving maritime business, such as the China Merchants Group, CSSC, CNOOC, PetroChina, CIMC, the Port of Shenzhen, Nanshan Group, and ZTT; major scientific research institutions, maritime research institutions, and universities under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Natural Resources, such as the National Marine Data and Information Service, the Ocean University of China, CAS Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, CAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics, the Southern University of Science and Technology, and the Guangdong Ocean Association; and emerging and future-oriented enterprises covered in the sea-related strategy in Shenzhen's "20+8" industrial clusters, such as Smart Ocean Technology Co., Ltd., HiSiBi, Lightsun, Dimeno, Shenzhen Jinhang Deep Sea Mineral Development Group Co., Ltd., Petro-king Energy Technology (Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd., DIV, and APT Mobile Satcom Limited. They will be there with their latest products and technologies to display new achievements in high-quality marine development. Multinational enterprises and institutions such as the American Bureau of Shipping, the Russan Maritime Register of Shipping, Kongsberg, and Regal Beloit will also participate in this event, to demonstrate their marine technological strength on various dimensions.

Multi-dimensional forums focus on the future


At the 2023 China Marine Economy Expo will be over 20 forums, including the Shenzhen Global Marine Economy Forum and several other specialized forums. Top domestic and overseas experts in maritime matters will be invited to the Shenzhen Global Marine Economy Forum to discuss macro topics, including marine science and technology, marine industries, shipping, maritime civilization, marine cooperation and governance, the development of global ocean center cities, and the accelerated development of "blue" partnership. The specialized forums are co-organized with sea-related enterprises, trade associations, scientific research institutions, and universities. The focus will be on fundamental, frontier, and strategic marine issues. The forums will bring together persons in charge of marine and financial investment institutions, world-renowned marine organizations, diplomatic envoys of maritime countries in China, and executives of Fortune Global 500 companies, who will provide global wisdom support for marine technology innovation and resource development.

Diversified supporting activities

At the 2023 China Marine Economy Expo will be many supporting activities, including policy interpretation, product display, achievement release, industry dialogue, cooperation contract signing, award granting, and investor-investee matchmaking, to provide exhibitors, institutions, and professional visitors with targeted matchmaking services and build a booming "blue partnership" ecosystem.

Sharing the "blue" future

Since relocating to Shenzhen in 2019, the China Marine Economy Expo has attracted nearly 1,500 domestic and overseas exhibitors, recorded contract amounts exceeding RMB 22 billion, held 54 high-level forums, and invited about 750 officials, academicians, and entrepreneurs from over 20 countries and regions for delivering keynote speeches. Hailed as the "First Marine Exhibition of China", this Expo has been the bellwether of China's marine economy development, a key window to showcase marine economy development achievements of China, and a major platform for promoting global marine economic cooperation.

The 2023 China Marine Economy Expo will continue to promote the development of the marine economy, share the unlimited potential of the marine economy, and speed up the process of realizing a "blue" future, thus creating more opportunities for global win-win cooperation.