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Decarbonization demands new technologies
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Jos Standerwick

      SHENZHEN should consider what future technologies will be needed in the marine industries to particularly address decarbonization challenges if it aspires to be a world leading maritime cluster, said Jos Standerwick, CEO of Maritime London, a trade association for marine companies.

      Specifically, the R&D of future fuels for the shipping market will be vital.

      However, research can also be done on the use of natural resources that support the decarbonization process within shipping, Standerwick explained.

      Port optimization, according to Standerwick, is also a key area for improving efficiency with the market. Shenzhen has a world leading port. If it can harness digitalization to optimize the speed of ships coming into Shenzhen, it will have a comparative advantage over other ports in the region.

      Meanwhile, Shenzhen will need to cope with increasing competition for business in the maritime sector as global trade is slowing down. All players should work together to ensure free trade and improve interconnectivity.

      Despite the challenges, Standerwick is confident in the growth of marine industries in Shenzhen. He’s here to see how Maritime London and its member companies can work with the industries in Shenzhen to facilitate business.

(Lin Lin)

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