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 14-17  October,2019


Oceans and seas have been regarded to be a  key part of the life supporting system of the Earth.The sustainable utilization  of marine resources is closely related to promote high-quality  development,support human well-being,underpin poverty eradication,increase  employment and job opportunities,enhance industry and innovation,deal with  natural disasters,and mitigate the impacts of climate change.At its core,marine  economy requires global cooperation and exchange framed within national and international  priorities,in order to achieve the prosperity of the global economy and realize  the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).
The China Marine Economy Expo(CMEE)aims to  provide an international exchange platform of marine  industries,technologies,trade and investment around the world.The CMEE has been  successfully conducted for 6 years,with participation of nearly 3,000 of  enterprises and 550,000 visitors from 72 countries in 2018.The CMEE hasgained  rising recognition among the international business communities,and been well  accepted as a major rostrum to release marine economy information.
The CMEE 2019 will be conducted on  14-17,October,2019 in Shenzhen,China,and co-hosted by the Ministry of Natural  Resources of the People's Republic of China and the People's Government of  Guangdong Province.Themed of"Sharing Blue Economy Opportunities,Building a  Shared Future",CMEE will highlight the tangible business effect and  infinite opportunities by integrating exhibition,forums and seminars,project  promotions and information releasing.

Basic Information 

Organizer:Shenzhen Municipal People's  Government
Focusing Areas:
   · Marine engineering equipment
   · Shipbuilding
   · Port construction
   · Offshore transportation
   · Environmental-friendly aquaculture and fisheries
   · Marine data service
   · Marine monitoring and observation
   · Marine biomedicine
   · Sea water desalination
   · Marine technologies etc.

Expected Participants
   · Business enterprises and associations
   · Exhibitors
   · Research institutions
   · Private sectors
   · Purchasers etc.

Draft Programs and Activities

The exhibition on 14-17 October will focus  on showcasing the overall development of China's marine economy over the past  seven decades and the main achievements in marine high-tech and equipments both  at home and abroad.At the meantime,the organizer will also gather oil&gas  companies,oceanic resource developers,marine technical service providers,marine  equipment manufacturers,shipbuilders,and research institutes to  participate,presenting the most up-to-date technologies of global marine  industry.
Forums and Seminars
 14 October                         Warming  up:Blue Economy Entrepreneurs Seminar
 15 October                         Opening:Global  Blue Economy Partnership Forum
 15-17 October                    Parallel forums on marine resource  development,marine engineering equipment,shipbuilding,harbor  construction,offshore transportation,marine technologies,marine emerging  industries,etc.(TBD)

SMEs Roadshow

Project Promotions
Projects promotion
Marine Industrial Parks promotion etc.

Information Release
China Marine Economic Development Report  2019
China Marine Economic Development Index  Report
The 21st Century Maritime Silk  Road Marine Economic Cooperation Index Assessment Report etc.

Expected Outcomes
A series of agreements and contracts are  expected to be discussed and finalized.

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